Present for the investigation from AGH were Mark, Angie (Guest Medium), Jazz, Steph, Mike, Reece and Sean. From The Globe Landlords Mandy and Chris.

We arrived at 23.00 hrs the team waited in the bar area as Mark set up cameras around the building in different areas. Angie is aware of a lady in the far corner watching us. Her name is Lily, but there is no more information with her as yet. Nothing was happening as she was spending her time watching us figuring out who we are and why we are here. After about 20 minutes she is accompanied by a man, her husband. There is no name given to us yet by Angie, but we are told to be patient. There is another man stood to the middle of the bar area and is watching us with arms folded, Angie says his name is Walter, they could not get a surname but believe it begins with an S. and dates him to around 1890-1892. (According to census records in 1890 the landlord of the Globe was Walter Slaughter). Soon after this Angie is aware of a little boy being present out in the hallway, but feels we should not try to approach him as he will be scared off. Angie believes the boy has blonde hair and is called Sydney or Sidney, and he suffers from Polio, and has been seen before somewhere around the glass door near the exit. (Later on both Mandy and Chris confirm they have seen a face of a child looking through the glass in the door and they had blonde hair, they were not sure if it was a boy or girl).

23.30 hrs. We went into the function room, Straight away as we entered everyone comments how the atmosphere is completely different in this room, it is heavy and we are all aware someone else is with us. Within several minutes Angie says there is a little girl with us named Mary. Jazz comments that in the window to the rear he could make out several people looking into the room, which is like a small courtyard, whilst at the same time Angie can be heard on the other camera to the far end of the room saying they feel there is activity from the courtyard and they would not be surprised if someone witnesses a face peering through the window. Angie moves closer to the pool table and says there is a man who was a miner stood to the right of Sean and Sean says he thought there was someone there as the hairs on his right arm all stand up. Whilst Angie tells us about the man they point out we are now being watched by someone in the far corner near the front window. The man near to Sean is called John and he has a large family. They paused as John faded out and said he would return shortly.
We continued to walk about the room and observe when Angie says a young boy of about 14-years-old has just walked through the middle of the room as if there was a wall there. Mark set up some trigger objects up on the pool table and Angie says they can feel a gentle hand resting against their back. As Mark placed some sensor lights around the trigger objects and two torch lights, he was about to place a camera on the table when one of the torch lights faded out and then back in again, Witnessed by Mark, Jazz, Reece and Angie. Nothing was happening so we decided to go down into the cellar.

Midnight. We went into the cellar. Mike, Reece and Steph all made their way to the far end of the cellar. Mark, jazz, Angie and Sean stood nearest the entrance. The height of the ceiling was very low and we all had to stoop over due to the restricted headroom. Angie says the man from upstairs Lily's husband had followed us out of curiosity and his name is Fred. We set up a trigger object in the cellar area, but nothing happened to it all night. Angie says Lily is stood at the top of the stairs as she will not come down as she believes a cellar is no place for a woman. After about ten minutes Mike was sat down attempting to do some dowsing, but Angie asks him not too as there is an energy swirling around him and may come to close. It is not negative but best if Mike does not do this. At the same time Angie, Mark and Jazz could all see Mikes face change slightly and what we first thought to look like coal dust on his face, but after several moments Angie tells us as there is two figures now stood by Mike we cannot be sure if it is or not. The second person is a Roman peasant and it is difficult to see from the distance and in the pitch black as to which one it is that is trying to use Mikes energy force. At this point we decided it was best to leave the area and went back upstairs.

0.30 hrs. We went back into the main bar area. Angie spoke with Mike about what was happening to him in the cellar, that something was trying to morph with him, but it was difficult to see which one as the two energies were swirling around him. Mike says he could feel the swirling of energies around him. Angie is convinced that one of the spirits present (Lily) is more than capable of moving stuff and they they feel something has been moved in the area before. (Chris tells us one day he placed his one and only single hammer on the second step of the stairs to the cellar and when he went to get it to put something up, the hammer had gone. Later that evening he went to pick up some paperwork he needed to take upstairs and as he did the hammer was lying underneath the paperwork. He then proceeded to tell us that he had moved a particular chair out of the corner of the pool room and put it outside. One of the regulars said you should not have moved that chair, it belonged to the old lady. Things were being moved on him for about a week after that until he brought another chair in and said out loud "I'm sorry I moved your chair, but here is a more comfy chair that you are welcome to use" after that things stopped being moved on him). Angie smiles and tells Mandy and Chris the figure you keep seeing walking in the hallway is Fred and he will be seen again. (They tell us they have seen a figure walking along the hallway, and one night not long after they took over the pub, they were sitting with one of the regulars after closing and that they all heard the front door go and a shadowy figure walk pass the doorway to the bar area and down the hallway). Angie tells them to try and leave a set of cards for Lily as she liked playing cards. Then Angie becomes aware of nurse stood in the room who used to come in between noon and 2pm for a drink as they can see her holding a glass of babycham. Her uniform dates to sometime between the 1930s and 1940s. According to some regulars that part of the function/pool room was used often used as a mortuary. (The building facing is a hospital). Before we leave the room Angie tells us John may be back in the other room and that he was blind in one eye. Angie tells me at this point privately there is another girl called Elsie. (See dowsing session as Mike comes up with the same name).

01.00 hrs. We went back into the function/pool room. Once in there Mark hears some tapping sounds coming from near the pool cue rack and he calls out "Hello", Mike says he heard a voice after Mark's but could not make out what was said. Reece could a see someone looking through the window to the rear. Mike called out asking was anyone with us, but there was no response. Reece, Mike and Sean were all stood by the pool cue rack as Angie is beside the pool table itself. Angie says they can see a man stood behind Sean. Sean was holding the video camera and reports it has gone out of focus, He then says he can smell coal by him. Mike takes up the dowsing rods and asks questions.
When we use the dowsing rods we ask questions that require a yes or no answer, If the rods move it is a yes if they do not move it is a no.

Is anyone here - yes.
Were you a miner - yes.
Are you john - yes.

Did you have 8 children - yes.

(Angie says his son was Thomas) Is your son called Thomas - yes.

(Angie his daughter is Mary) Is Mary your daughter - yes.
Did Thomas work with you - yes.
Was Elsie one of your children (Mike says the name come to him) - yes.
Is Anne one of your children - yes.
Jazz then says he got a real cold draught rush pass him and Mike says he felt he it come to him and pass his legs.
Is that you behind me John - yes.
Did you work in Belmont mine - yes.
Was you blind in one eye - yes.
Did you become blind at work - yes.

We asked John to make a noise as Mike puts down the rods as his hands are shaking, but no noise. Jazz goes and sits in the chair by the bar in this room where the chair was placed for the old lady. He says he feels the lady had breathing problems as he finds it hard to breathe himself. Angie says the old lady had Emphysema. (Emphysema gradually damages the air sacs (alveoli) in your lungs, making you progressively more short of breath. Emphysema is one of several diseases known collectively as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD). Reece and Angie then both say there is someone looking through the window again. Angie says this is Florence who is between 20 and 24 years old. Jazz then stands up and walks away from the chair saying she asked him very politely to move out of her chair, so he obliged. Angie goes and sits in the chair and confirms for Jazz the feelings he was getting regards the illness. At this point the camera on the pool table records a strange sound that the walkabout camera and camera in far corner do not record.

Angie says Fred is outside in the hallway looking through the glass in the door watching us. Just then we captured an EVP, Which sounds like Ed or Fred. We think it is Fred or meant to be. Interestingly as well I sent a copy of the EVP to team member Ian who did not attend the invest and has not spoken to anyone at this time about the investigation and he messaged me back saying it sounded to him like a woman saying Fred! This voice was recorded on all three video cameras.

Just three minutes and 36s seconds later another voice saying "Yeah" is caught on two cameras.

02.00 hrs. Angie says lily likes to have company and asks her to move something for us, nut nothing happens. Angie asks for a candle to be lit and be placed on the bar itself. Then asks Lily if she can blow it out or affect it any way. Angie tells us that lily is unsure and is now moving around us all as Angie and Sean swap places for Sean to sit in the chair for a while. Then Angie and Reece both see a white cat crawl under the pool table. Then Angie, Jazz and Reece can hear heavy breathing between the three of them, but no one else could hear it. Angie can smell coal to the left of them and Mark goes over to check himself he stands between Angie and Sean and can smell it. Jazz gets up and moves to a seat near the windows to the front of the pub, After several minutes Angie says they can see a man next to Jazz and he confirms he can sense the man. Angie says the man is called Dvid and was a porter at the hospital facing the pub. He is wearing a suit typical of a 1950s style and has brylcreem on his hair. (A typical hair product for men of that time period). He is wearing black framed glasses, and has a mustache and is smoking, which Jazz says yes he is as he can taste it, It tastes like hand rolled tobacco which Jazz is a now an ex smoker and knows the taste. Jazz gets up and moves away as he does not like the taste. Mark goes and sits in the same seat with Angie sat two seats away to his right and Sean sits two seats away to his left. Reece hears a cat meow three times from under the table. Mark sits for a few minutes the calls out to David saying "Could you try to move something for us please". There are three knocks directly after that, but at the time no one present heard this. Listen to clip below.

Angie says he said he can do a trick for you with matches, so Mark asks David to perform a particular trick of making all the matches light inside the box saying "could you do that trick for us please" then Angie says "it is like a firework and it stinks". Just as Angie says that there are another three knocks, listen to clip below.

Again the knocks were not audible to us at the time. Mark then asks him to try and move the drapes. Angie says David says "who are you". Mark asks again for him to do something. Then says "I can't see you, that is why I am asking you to do something for me" then pauses and says "to prove you're here" There is then a strange noise and Mark says "What was that" which is followed by another noise. I have placed the clip below, but please be aware it is not easy to hear on all devices.

Nothing else happened after that and we decided to end the investigation.

03.15 hrs. We finished our investigation and wrapped up.

FINAL THOUGHT: The Globe was a very interesting place and with the recordings we got we feel the place was well worth the visit. It is unusual to get so many recordings in one place, and having three video cameras in one room, but not all three capturing all the sounds allowed us to isolate where exactly in the room each sound must have came from.

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