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Present from AGH was Angie, Mark, Jazz, Mike and Sean. From Spital Craft centre was Steve and Sharon.

HISTORY OF LOCATION: Spital farm in Staxton has had an interesting history. Staxton dates back a long time and is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 when it was known as Stacstone. Which is an old Scandinavian name meaning a village owned by a man by the name of Stakkr.
Spital farmhouse which is a Grade II listed, sixteenth-century farmhouse, got its name from the Hospital of St. Mary, Staxton, which belonged to the priory of Bridlington. And the visitor centre is built on what remains of this old monastery. (Spital being the old name for Hospital) . The present Spital Farm site first came about when an ancient monastery was demolished during the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII.
The site of the medieval hospital was documented in 1297, and cemetery, excavated in 1950, one skeleton and shreds of pottery were found. Buildings now cover the site. This may be the same as St. Mary's Hospital, `Harfordlithe, by Willerby' documented in 1394. Archaeological surveys have exposed an ancient hostel dating back to medieval times, which was built on top of a Roman Marching Camp.
The county council's archaeological section, who have scheduled the site as an ancient monument, known as the Spittell. They believe it was possibly a medieval hospital. Eight skeletons were recovered, including one with precious stones around the head - believed to be the village leader. There were also a horse, artifacts, pottery and jewelry buried 2ft to 3ft down. Tests revealed a range of causes of death: burns, venereal disease, being clubbed about the head and in one case the result of a procedure to drill into the head to relieve pressure.

We arrived at 21.00hrs. As Mark had previously visited he waited in the Tea room getting all the equipment ready whilst the others were given a tour of the place. The owners were asked not to give any information regarding the place or any stories as they had no idea prior to actually turning up, where they would be that night as is always the case with our investigations. During the initial first hour they all felt the place was very busy sensing lots of energies around the place. Once they had all had a good look around they rejoined Mark in the tea room to start the investigation.

22.00hrs. We first went to the function room and the handheld video camera switched off despite being in the record position, when Mark switched it back on he had to reset the time and date. Then Jazz saw a figure walk through the door into the bar area, Mark followed him and seconds later as they both looked into an oval mirror near the bar they could see Mike walk in followed by a second outline. To rule out if it was Mike casting two reflections they asked Mike to go out and then come back in again. He did this and only one reflection was witnessed. We left the room and both Sean and Mike entered the attic area as they both felt someone was in there and they set up with recording devices whilst the others went into the bar area. Angie who had been talking with Sharon come and joined us saying they heard a lady humming a tune and that lady was now upstairs with us and called Mary. Just then both Jazz and Angie heard a woman gasp. We stayed in the function room and Jazz who had walked to the far corner near an old organ said he sensed a young boy who had throat problems. Nothing else came of this and as he moved further over Mark heard what sounded like one of the keys on the organ being played. We tested the organ only to find it did not work at all so we went into the bar area were there was another organ to test that and again that one did not work. e went back into the function room and as we stood there Angie started talking about a pond and that they felt 8 bodies or skeletons had been discovered. (See above about Archaeologic dig and eight skeletons). As we stood there Angie announced someone was with us who died of smallpox, a small girl covered in blisters, more on this came later. There was also a man called James Keith not sure who he was, but he had some connection to the cottage itself. There was also mention of a Reverend Cook who came here to deal with someone's death. Both Angie and Jazz tell me they can feel lots of spirits but cannot get any direct connection as it is too much like a train station, too busy.

22.45hrs. We went downstairs to gather all the trigger objects we had and extra cameras and voice recorders to set them up around the whole building which took up the next half hour. Mark set one video camera up in a room were objects had moved and as he walked out of the room the video camera switched off, so it was reset and again as Mark walked out it switched off again. It was put back on the third time and remained on for the rest of the night. I then took another camera and placed it on a landing above a walkway and guess what this camera done exactly the same, but only once. Then I placed a third video camera in the bar area and some motion sensors. As I walked out the room and looked back I noticed the WiFi light on this camera was now on and has to be turned on manually which I did not do.

23.45hrs. As Mark walked into the tearoom he walked right past a lady who was to his left and as he turned to get a better look she had gone. Jazz followed Mark in the room as he felt the presence and stood there to see if he could work out who she was. Angie joined us and both Angie and Jazz felt it was the same woman as before, Mary who had suffered a miscarriage. Then someone walked in front of Angie who stank of alcohol.

Midnight. The team went back up to the bar whilst Mark and Mike collected more things to take upstairs with them. As they headed down the corridor they heard two knocks that sounded like they come from the tea room and went back to check, there was nothing there, but there are some noises on the video camera to suggest there was someone present. We then went upstairs to meet the others, As Mark walked into the room he realised the Wifi on the camera was switched on again, and the motion detectors had been switched off, Which can be seen on the camera in that room no one had even gone near them. Angie talked about a soldier called Roger Harrison being present, from WWII era. He was stood between Jazz and Sean, who both felt the presence of someone. Then there was movement outside the other door leading to the back stairway, Mark went to check but no one was there so rejoined the team. Sean kept looking at the door as he was convinced someone was out there, and hen the door opened slightly. Jazz called to Roger asking what squadron he was from, Angie says the Green Howards. I was not sure of the history of the Green Howards, but upon researching I found they were called (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment), frequently known as the Yorkshire Regiment until the 1920s becoming the Green Howards. Mark left the group as footsteps could be heard echoing from downstairs and went to check, following what sounded like someone walking yet no one could be seen. When he returned the others said they had seen the light being blocked out again and the door moving, I thought it may have been caused by myself when I left the room so tested it by walking past the door again and even bouncing on the floor, but the door did not move one single bit. It was Mike who then heard footsteps from downstairs and went down to follow them, but he too could not see anyone although he says he followed the footsteps which were clear and precise. Angie moved as they felt the chair they were sat in was like being in a whirlpool, Jazz sat in the same seat feeling the same feelings, but he could see flames in front of his face, though he could not make out why. Angie then says they could hear someone singing a song called Annie Get Your Gun, this is a musical with lyrics and music by Irving Berlin and a book by Dorothy Fields and her brother Herbert Fields. The story is a fictionalized version of the life of Annie Oakley (1860-1926), a sharpshooter who starred in Buffalo Bill's Wild West, and her romance with sharpshooter Frank Butler. Angie then sees a little girl stood between Mark and Sean. Mike could see two men sat in the corner drinking whisky and playing cards. Then Angie felt the little girl stroke her hand as Jazz saw movement outside the door again. Angie then tells us something moved in glass cabinet above their head, the rest of us all heard something, but none of us were sure what it was or where exactly it came from.

0.35hrs. We then moved into the function room and Jazz could smell manure. Mark walked over to the area, but the smell had gone by then as it lasted but a few seconds. Mark walked through the door in the corner to check the video camera overlooking the downstairs from up here, as he did he could see a figure come through the door of the passageway and turn to go up the stairs to were we are, he then calls to Sean who is closest to that door to watch for it. Angie at the same time says someone is coming upstairs and Sean confirms he too had the same feeling. On checking the video there is no evidence of a figure or anything going in that direction. Sean then comments he feels as though he was now being watched from the doorway. We waited for several moments and at 0.50hrs the tape was coming to an end so Mark went to get some fresh tapes and as he went downstairs to the were we had the equipment followed by Jazz, they could smell something burning, but could not be sure what it was. When they returned Angie says they could smell hay being burned just after we left the area. As we stood talking Jazz mentioned how something in the room reminded him of the time we investigated Danby Castle, to which we all heard a clear voice go "humph" we all tried to ask why they felt this way about Danby Castle trying of any link between the two we could, but got no responses at all, despite trying everything we could for a good fifteen minutes. Angie says they have the name Robert De something. But cannot understand what the last name was. Again we tried different famous names that began this way, but nothing again, but Angie heard the man say "Who they say" when Jazz says Robert De Bruce! Nothing else happened until Jazz heard a door creak and we went into the hallway towards the office we found a door we know was shut tight now open. We then decided to set up some religious artifacts around the room to see if they got moved as Angie says they feel there is an anniversary around this time. Later we discovered that in two days time is the anniversary of the craft centre being opened.

1.30hrs. We went downstairs and decided to have a quick break. And then spend sometime outside in the car park.

1.40hrs. Outside in the car park we walked around for a bit, and Angie saw a monk, Jazz took a photograph near to the wall as he also thought he saw a monk. Mark saw something, but knowing the history felt this could easily be explained as imagination, until the others comment on it too.

2.05hrs. We set up in the corridor between the tea room and bakery as that is where we felt we mostly heard the footsteps and Sean felt as though he walked through a cobweb, although we could not see one and this area was well lit. We spent a full half hour in the area and nothing happened. At 2.30hrs Mike had to leave us for his two hour drive home.

2.30hrs. The team decided to spend time in some of the shops as Mark rechecked the equipment, As they made their way towards the stairs they thought they saw a shadow which they thought was Mark until he come up behind them.

2.46hrs. We could hear noises coming from the function room again so we went up there and once in the room we decided to close all the doors in the hope it would entice some kind of reaction. We heard several knocking sounds coming from the bar area and from the stairs and the passageway, it was as if they were trying to get us to open the doors again, but we decided no too. At 2.55hrs one of the batteries on the camera drained so Mark went to get a fresh one. At 03.00hrs the others comment they heard Mark coming back up the stairs and could not make out why he hadn't come back in the room. Yet at 03.00hrs Mark can clearly be seen on another camera in the tea room, and did not return until 3.07hrs. Nothing happened for seven minutes then Jazz commented he had the back of his shirt tugged. Where Mark and Jazz were stood went really cold and Angie says the little girl is present again, she is covered in blisters and this is the same girl as earlier who had smallpox. A symptom of smallpox is coming out in blisters. Then both Jazz and Angie say Sarah with Angie giving a further name of Jane, Sarah Jane. We tried to establish communication with the little girl but to no avail. Although there was a smell of parma violets, which Sean had been aware of when he was in the attic as well as an animal, possibly a dog. Which before he told us that Mark and Jazz both heard a dog barking, this was not in the distance and sounded very close by to us. We then asked the girl to do something for us and we all heard her say something really faint, so faint we could not make out what she said. Mark asked her to come and join us back in the room as it sounded like she was outside the room when we heard her voice. Nothing else happened for the rest of the night, but see photos below taken from video images. At 4.05hrs we went on a final walkabout.

4.05hrs Nothing else happened at this point and Angie felt like nothing else would happen, so we decided to wrap up for the night and finish the investigation.

04.30hrs, The investigation ended and we left.

Below is a photograph taken from a video recorder we placed at the location. It was on a tripod and recorded a total of five hours and fifteen minutes. For a six minute stage of that recording the image of a young girl appeared, She has her back to the camera and was very faint, barely visible on the video footage. I have tried to upload the image to a PC, but she can not be seen no matter what. I have had to result in photographing the image from the TV screen (hence the grainy image) for her to be visible enough, it still remains somewhat faint, using filters we have been able to make her a little more clear and added two photos here for you to see. Check the photos out before reading the following. She is wearing what appears to be a black skirt, white short sleeved blouse, and had dark hair just past the shoulders.


FINAL THOUGHT: This place although not easy to decipher and get any communication going, was without doubt a very interesting place and one that would need further investigation in hope of uncovering its secrets.

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