We have been asked by the owners not to reveal the name or location, although they are happy for the investigation report to be placed on the site. Any names that we get we place in the report but withhold surnames to help keep the location secret. Throughout the report we will withhold any names given by the medium, but will say if confirmations were given. This is a follow up from an investigation from last year.

Present from AGH were GM1, Mark, Jazz, Ian, Sean and Mike we were joined by James who was helping us for the night.

20.00hrs. The team went to room C whilst Mark stayed on the middle level setting up cameras and trigger objects. This is where we captured a black figure on the video camera on our last investigation. Jazz stood in the corner both GM1 and Ian could see a figure next to him, but this time it did not appear on the camera. Jazz comments that he feels as though he is being told to move away but he refuses to do so. As the figure presses against his left shoulder. Ian got stomach cramps and felt very sick. Suddenly the feeling went away and Mike had to leave the room as he felt funny. We all left the room and went downstairs to see if Mike was okay. He explained that he felt completely drained and as he closed his eyes he had an image of a cloaked figure that had no face. He also felt like this figure was trying to enter him and that is why he left the room.

20.45hrs. We stayed downstairs to make sure Mike was okay before going back upstairs.

21.00hrs. We went to room E. Jazz saw a figured standing by the door whilst Mike could see a little girl. Both Ian and Sean felt as though we were being watched by someone.

21.30hrs. We went to room B. But Mark, Mike and Ian went back downstairs as Mike was still feeling strange. Ian hypnotized Mike who it seemed had allowed the entity from room C a little too close. Under hypnosis Mike was able to tell us something about what he had seen and it was decided we would return to this room a little later. In room B the rest of the team could smell cigarette smoke similar to old woodbine cigarettes. Angie and Sean both started feeling dizzy and there was a scratching sound which they all heard. The noise can be heard on the camera but only slightly and not loud enough to be transferred here.

21.35hrs. We went into room D. saw two white cats walking across the room. Sean could hear some knocking, but not sure where it was coming from. GM1 became aware of a little boy aged 7 or 8-years-old. Wearing a grey shirt under a gansey (a knitted jumper) he is carrying a book and his name is Samuel. He died suddenly something to do with his chest and his mum is called Elizabeth. He has a large birth mark on his face and he is obsessed with steam locomotives, he does not know he is dead and makes no attempt to talk to us or reply. When he died it came as a shock and it was mum who found him. Mark, Mike and Ian rejoin them and straight away Ian starts to complain of chest pains.

22.00hrs. We went back to room C. Mark went into the corner and we had strange readings on the EMF meter which he placed in his back pocket whilst he moved the small unit from its position. The rest of the team who where stood by the entrance to the room all saw this, but when Mark went to retrieve the EMF meter it has gone from his back pocket and was not on the floor or anywhere else in the room. (The emf meter was later found next door lay on a bed! SEE PHOTO below).

Ian stands in the spot the unit was and felt dizzy so moved, then Jazz stood there and felt a build up of pressure in his head. Mark who was stood in front of him could feel someone pushing against his back, trying to force him over. Sean stood in the are and just felt like he was swaying so GM1 stood in the spot. It was at this point GM1, Mike, Ian and Jazz all said at the same time "Ouija board". They all felt that one had been used in this exact spot. (We have been reliably informed that this did indeed happen). Ian stood about two foot away says he feels paralyzed all down his left side and cannot move. As Ian said this we all heard a very sinister laugh and whilst it was loud it failed to record on the video camera. GM1 says "You do not scare me" then warns us this entity is about to attempt to make us all feel threatened and intimidated by it. Then we get a warning that the entity has brought with it some helpers. Jazz turns and says yes one is here by me now, then gets chest pains as mark and Sean aware someone is stood between them. Mark turns to where GM1 had been stood and can only make out the shape in the dark and talks to them, but when GM1 replies they are stood in a different place and on close inspection there is no one stood in the place mark was looking. GM1 mentions the exorcism and both Mark and Jazz heard a growl. Jazz speaks some Latin and then feels a rush flow through him. Sean felt a stabbing pain in his ribs as Mark says "how would you feel if we brought in a man of the cloth" suddenly Sean who is holding the camera says he can no longer see Mark and Jazz who is looking at Mark sees a small black ball of light come from by Marks face. Mark asks "What did the exorcism do to you" when Mike who had sat down and now had his eyes closed replied "Nothing". This is what I was talking about earlier when Mike was under hypnosis and now as agreed and prepared Mike would allow this entity to speak through him. A series of questions and answers took place and each time the entity did not answer a question it would let out the same strange laugh we had all heard earlier. What took place for the next forty minutes we cannot write it here, but I can say that after this session ended the Entity had gone.

22.50hrs. We stopped for a break.

23.15hrs. We went to room K. GM1 was talking when Sean heard a female voice say hello could hear a woman's voice copying what GM1 was saying word for word. It went quiet for half an hour when GM1 said they could hear voices in the passageway and them Mark entered and commented he felt as though someone was in the passageway. Jazz could feel someone stood behind him and GM1 said it was the lady from the stairways.

0.15hrs. We then went into a room we could not access on our last visit. Nothing happened in there but again there were voices coming from the passageway.

0.30hrs. We then went into room H. We all entered together and the team all sat at the bottom end of the room as we had set up lots of trigger objects, motion sensors and audio recorder and video recorder. Mark sat near them and as he did GM1 said there was a little girl by him. Mark heard a noise it was a small bean bag being squashed. GM1 says the little girl had climbed up behind Mark and was trying to touch him then she got down again. Mark held out his hand as GM1 said she will hold your hand, Mark replied she already is. GM1 said she wants you top stand up and go towards the toys (trigger objects) Mark did so. And asks her to touch them, he then says ant me to run around and you do it" to which we have recorded a voice say "aha" The camera it was recorded on was in the middle of the room. The audio recorder four foot in front of it did not record it nor did the walkabout handheld camera 14 foot behind it. Therefore the little girl whose voice we have recorded must have been stood very close to the video camera we captured it on. CLICK HERE to listen. The little girl continued to try and hold Marks hand before all went quiet.

01.00hrs. We went back to room C. We spent a half hour in the room to see if anyone felt anything but nothing was felt and nothing happened.

01.30hrs. Stopped for a break.

02.00hrs. We stayed in Room I and J. To see if anything happened. As the whole building was quiet we decided at half past two to call it a night and ended the investigation.

02.30hrs. Ended investigation.

FINAL THOUGHT: The location was a very interesting one to say the least. Mike experienced something which he had never experienced before and the whole night was very good.

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