We have been asked by the owners not to reveal the name or location, although they are happy for the investigation report to be placed on the site. Any names that we get we place in the report but withhold surnames to help keep the location secret. Throughout the report we will withhold any names given by the medium, but will say if confirmations were given.

Present from AGH were GM1, Mark, Sean and Mike we were joined by a friend James who was helping us for the night as we only had a small team available and three members of staff. Lady 1: Lady 2 and Lady 3 we cannot give their names as this may expose the location.

We had originally arranged to meet at the location for 20.00hrs but arrived ten minutes later due to the long distance traveled and traffic. We got the introductions dealt with and got out some of the equipment. Whilst on the ground level GM1 picked up on a male presence she called Charlie (a surname was given, but as this location needs to remain secret we are withholding the surname). Charlie was a caretaker and is just wandering about. We took several photos of the area he was in, but nothing has shown up. There was also a lady called Mary who was passing through and carrying flowers for the nearby church. There is a church just a bit further down from the building we we're in. There is a second man present who is dressed in a black suit and white wing collared shirt.

21.00hrs. We went upstairs to the top level and entered the first room. (From this point in we will name each room alphabetically as we went into them). Room A. As soon as we entered GM1 was aware of a little girl being present called Glenys. GM1 says she was wearing a grey check dress with white socks and black shoes, and is from the 1950's. She is carrying a sketch book and shows GM1 the inside of the book which contains sketches of birds. GM1 asks "are you here alone, please can we hear you" but gets no reply. GM1 looks to Mike and tells him to place his hand out at a certain height as she stood by him. Mike says his fingers have gone all tingly and that he feels there is more than just this girl present. GM1 then asks Glenys "are you home from home, who is with you". Lady 2 then asks a question "Do you like the children here" seconds later both Sean and GM1 heard a little voice say "Hmm". Lady 1 asks GM1 does this girl stay in this room or move from room to room. GM1 explains she only ever stays in this room. Mike then says he can sense two more spirits, a woman called Georgia and another girl called Jenny. At 21.30hrs. The video recorder started to play up and we had to go to audio recorder whilst mark went and got another video recorder to continue.

21.30hrs. Mark went to get another video camera whilst the others continued using a voice recorder. It was at this point we were also joined by James. Mike continued by saying Georgia was 43 years old and had blonde hair. Whilst Jenny is nine-years-old. Mike continued to say he felt a coldness go down his back and he felt Georgia was nervous and that he was aware planes are flying above. Both Mike and GM1 could heard voices from outside the room. Seconds later GM1 saw Glenys walk through the wall into the next room as if the wall was never there. Mike says he gets the image of Jack Russell dogs running up and down the stairs, but these are not what people hear as GM1 had also said on the way up they felt the presence of a little boy running up and down the stairs which one of the staff have heard several times and was also aware of a boy on the stairs. GM1 could also hear a new born baby crying and Sean says he has got pins and needles in his fingers. We then decided to move into the next room to see what was happening there. The camera had been playing up and we are not sure why, the battery had also lost three hours of power in half an hour and by the time had got downstairs it had dropped to only fifteen minutes of power. This particular battery lasts just over six hours usually.

21.40hrs. Room B. GM1 says they feel this building was used for a certain purpose (again we have to withhold that particular information to keep location secret) GM1 does not like the feeling of this room but could stay here. Sean says he feels sick as GM1 says there is a man holding a leather strap. Lady 2 says they do not this like room. Mark thought he saw a figure stood behind James and pointed the camera in that direction, but nothing has shown up. Whilst I have not been able to confirm this 100% there are records that point to this.

21.45hrs. Room C. GM1 hears a babies cry and says they feel this room is the worst of them all James and Sean both felt a very unusual coldness around them and they were stood in the middle of the room. GM1 then says they feel a Ouija board was used in this room and something not so nice came through. (We are told that an exorcism had been performed in the building, but things still continue to happen). GM1 continues talking and explains that "not all exorcisms work as you have to identify first what you have got, to be able to get rid of it". Interestingly we have caught a noise and a voice going Hmm as this was said. PLEASE LISTEN TO CLIP BELOW.

"You have to identify (noise) first (voice) what you have got"

Room C. Cont'd. GM1 looks to Mark and says the babies cry was a falseness and we need to be careful as to what comes forward in this room as it may be tricks. Mark looks to his left and sees a small black figure moving along the wall towards a bed and then weirdly it appears to go up the wall, down again and then under the bed. He does not say what he has seen, but asks GM1 go to that part of the room to see if they feel or sense anything. As soon as GM1 stands in the spot we could see through the viewfinder of the camera a black outline come and stand next to GM1 and the figure stays there for several seconds. Both GM1 and Mark call for it to back off and appears to go away in a downwards motion. Many of us present had all looked at the viewfinder and witnessed the figure do this. (The video footage on playback has been badly distorted and we do not know why, this bit of footage I was able to get a copy of it on my phone but without sound and add it here, as the original footage will now not play back for us and the tape is completely ruined).

Part of the footage of black figure.


James and Lady 2 swapped places with GM1 to see if they could feel anything and instantly James felt something or someone brush his hand and moved away and then started to complain of pains in his left wrist. Showing us exactly where he had the pains was strange as Mark was experiencing the same thing from the moment he stepped into the room and Sean had also experienced the same thing earlier in the day. James and Sean could both then hear what sounded like voices whispering outside the room and Lady 3 felt a coldness go through her from foot to head.

22.05hrs. Room D. This room was completely different to the other rooms and felt so relaxed. Nothing happened and we moved on.

22.15hrs. Room E. We then went into the next room and as we walked in everyone could smell incense which was pleasant but none had been used in here we were told. Nothing more than that was sensed or felt in this room. GM1 was keen to get to the next room, so we moved on.

22.20hrs. Room F and G. As we entered the room both James and Mike heard a bang coming from behind us so looked for an explanation and could not find one. Mark stood in the doorway of adjoining room G as it was only a small room and possible part of room F at one point. James, GM1 and Mike all felt that this room was very busy with children over the years but this was mostly residual. Nothing else happened so we moved onto the next room.

22.25hrs. Room H. GM1 and Lady 1 both sat side by side and both got a stitch feeling in their stomach, as they spoke about it B also said she had a stitch but in her hip not stomach. Whilst we were talking amongst ourselves Mike heard the door handle go, but no one was there. James could hear a noise, but was not sure what it was whilst Sean said he could hear a faint humming. We stayed in the room for a little bit, but as nothing was happening we decided to leave that room.

22.45hrs. As we left Room H to make our way to the next room, we all heard a noise coming from Room H. which was part of the drumkit that was in there. Sean, Mike and James went back in to investigate and Sean left an audio recorder in the room. Mark brought a spare camera to the room and we left that in there recording too. Before we continued we decided to set up some more cameras and audio recorders along with trigger objects in the other rooms to see if anything else happened.

23.00hrs. Room I. We decided to set up in this room with Mike using the dowsing rods. He asked the following qustions:

Just then James and Sean became aware of a man through the doorway and stood in the next room (Room J). James said he can it is a man and he is stooped over looking at us thorough the the gap. James then started to feel emotional, but he did not know why. Mike had to stop dowsing as he was feeling strange, but did not know why. As James continued to tell us the man he could see was wearing a war uniform (We cannot say WW1 or WW2 as this would compromise the location). What took place between then and Midnight is too sensitive for us to place the information on the report. But we moved into Room J to continue, all I can say is that the information we gained was very vital to the investigation and explained much of what was happening and hopefully a return visit can be arranged, but we cannot guarantee this due to the location and the need for our visit to remain a secret.

FINAL THOUGHT: This investigation was by far one of the strangest I have done in regards to equipment. Two handheld camcorders both played up during the investigation. Tapes inside the cameras are badly distorted on playback. Tests have been done to check if tapes were faulty, they were not. Both cameras have been tested over four nights and both are okay. For a sensor light to be switched off by the button and a camera that was housed to be manually switched off, which is impassible to do without taking it out of the housing. There are no explanations as to why what happened did happen.

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