We have been asked to look into this location after reports of strange happenings where some form of witchcraft or black magic is believed to have taken place on the grounds. The location we have to keep secret as it is on private land.

Present from AGH were Mark, Jazz, Ian, Mike and GM2.

We got onto the land and made our way into the area by the woods where the activity is believed to take place. Instantly as we entered the area there were a few places the team could feel and sense things a cloaked figure was the first thing we became aware of who was stood amongst us, almost in an intimidating way. As we made our way to the actual area we needed to be in we were swamped by giant moths that seemed to come at us in large numbers. Not unusual to see a moth or two at night, but these moths seemed rather larger than usual and there was literaly lots of them.

We then heard someone walking behind us and could hear branches that had fallen to the floor being cracked as if walked on, we believed at the time it may have been the cloaked figure still trying to intimidate us. GM2 heard a voice call out "Help" as Jazz said something was walking toward us as Ian says he saw something run towards the trees.

Mark and Mike went into a clearing in the trees that was on a hill, whilst the others followed something into another area. They had seen a figure walk in the opposite way they described as being hooded. Mark and Mike stood in the clearing and felt very strange, Mike felt as though we were walking amongst the dead. We stood around trying to gather our thoughts when we felt we should rejoin the others.

As we rejoined them Mark looked to his left and waved Jazz towards them only to turn to GM2 and Ian as Jazz who had been crouched down stood up. Mark and Mike looked at Jazz in surprise as they turned back to look where they thought they had just seen Jazz standing. The others told us they had been trying to follow this cloaked figure still, but it was as though this thing was toying with them appearing in place then another.

Mark and Jazz went back to the area where Mark and Mike had just been, GM2 stayed away as the thoughts they were getting were causing too much pain in their mind. Jazz could feel a sensation similar to a electric current running through his face. We the heard a slight moan sound, but it cannot be heard on tape. Jazz then feels as if he is stood over a buriel spot then points to two other places and says there are bodies there too. Jazz then gave me two names for two of the bodies, but no name for the third one. He feels liek the one he is stood over was sacrificed although he does not feel that word is right, it is the best word to describe what he is feeling.

GM2, Mike and Ian are still be menaced by the cloaked figure, GM2 believes they have to stay where they are to keep him away from Mark and Jazz as the figure is feeling annoyed that we have discovered the bodies and uncovered a dark secret.

Meaanwhile Mark and Jazz are still in the same area when Mike comes to join them and says he feels as though there are six people around us dressed in red cloaks! Jazz continues with his explanation he feels this young girl was drugged by something ad says the name Belladonna (The name “belladonna” means “beautiful lady,” and was chosen because of a risky practice in Italy. The belladonna berry juice was used historically in Italy to enlarge the pupils of women, giving them a striking appearance. This was not a good idea, because belladonna can be poisonous.Belladonna has chemicals that can block functions of the body's nervous system. Some of the bodily functions regulated by the nervous system include salivation, sweating, pupil size, urination, digestive functions, and others.) and was left naked, then strangled slowly, then as her bosy falls top the ground he see an image being slashed into her back with a dagger. We suddenly felt as though we had been there too long and decided to leave to join the other two.

We decided now to leave as we had reached the final safe point before something could happen, so started to walk away as we did we noticed there was no moths around anymore, but we did feel as though we had several people watching and making sure we did leave. Ian commented it felt being out shopping on christmas eve it was that busy in there.

FINAL THOUGHT: We had a night of strange and intense feelings, and knew that there is a point when you should leave an area like this and we did. Hopefully one day we will be able to revbisit the location.

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