Maleficium Investigation.


Our follow up visit to this location click here for report from investigation one.


We had originally been asked to look into this location in 2015 after reports of strange happenings where some form of witchcraft or black magic is believed to have taken place on the grounds. The location we have to keep secret as it is on private land. There will be a further visit to this location at some point.

We got onto the land and made our way into the area by the woods where the activity is believed to take place. Instantly as we entered the area there were a few places the team could feel and sense things a cloaked figure was the first thing we became aware of who was stood amongst us, almost in an intimidating way. As we made our way to the actual area we needed to be in we were swamped by giant moths that seemed to come at us in large numbers. Not unusual to see a moth or two at night, but these moths seemed rather larger than usual and there was literally lots of them.

Present from AGH were Angie, Mark, Jazz and Reece.

23.00 hrs. We got onto the land and made our way into the area by the woods where the activity is believed to take place. Just as it was on our last visit we made our way into the area by the woods and immediately Angie could make out someone in the distance amongst the trees, we shined a torch into the trees and even though we could all make someone out within the light from the torch the nightvision camera could not pick them up and was completely out of focus, only coming back into focus after the figure moved away. We took several steps forward and both Angie and Jazz could make out another figure in the distance, but described this one as being a cowled figure. Whilst we all looked into that direction a figure run from the trees on our left across the footpath and into the trees on our right. Jazz was trying in vain to get a photograph, but his camera was messing about. Suddenly Angie called out "Nomar" (there appears to be no exact origin for this name, but it can be found across the world dating back a long time, including the UK) and we all looked at Angie to see why they had done that. Jazz then crouched forward a little holding his stomach as he felt a real sharp pain, but could not explain why as it went as quick as it came. AT THIS POINT WE HAVE CAPTURED TWO FIGURES AMONGST THE TREES CLICK HERE TO VIEW . As we stood there we all heard a voice that was not one of us, but could not make out what was said and sadly there is no voice on the camera. Angie and Reece both say at the same time they could hear what sounded like a drum being beat and both describe it as sounding exactly like what you hear in a film about Vikings ! seconds later Mark who was stood several feet away from the others watched as a large stone rolled along the path about a foot to his left. At the same time both Jazz and Reece say they heard a horn being blown, not a car horn, but again the sound you hear during a Viking movie when they blow into a mouth horn. Angie refers back to Nomar who is described as being a small boy and wearing similar to hessian style clothing, as Angie tells us this Jazz hears what he described as a creepy voice saying "You should not be here" to us followed by "You is a witch". Angie says there is a woman walking and carrying made from twigs an alchemy star. As they say this about fifteen foot in front of us we could make out a small boy we think is Nomar as he is wearing a hessian cloth sack style of clothing, Weirdly at the same time the camcorder goes funny recording only audio and no visual effect at all. Jazz promptly turns his head to the right as he heard the creepy voice again, this time saying "He is ours" meaning Nomar. Angie goes on to describe in further detail about Nomar, he also is wearing some sort of footwear which looks to be mad of hessian too, and is hair is style in way that he has hair at the top of his head but the sides and back are completely shaven.

As we continued to look around Angie hears a females voice calling out for Nomar and feels this is his mum looking for him. Jazz says he feels as though he has had a knife thrust into his stomach and then dragged upwards to his chest. Angie was then slapped on the hand. Reece complained he could not see out of one of his eyes as if he was blinded. This lasted for several minutes before it dissipated. We decided to move further along the footpath and came to a stop as we could hear someone else walking behind us so we stopped. Jazz then complained he had no feeling in his right arm from the elbow down which again lasted for a couple of minutes. As we stood there we saw again someone run from the trees across the path and back into the trees on the other side, just as we had earlier only this time going in the opposite direction. Mark felt something pushing into his back as if trying to move him, at that point he hears a voice very close to his ear say "You're next" , to which he said "Stand back now I command you" as Jazz heard another voice reply "Do you want to bet". And then we all heard someone laugh as Angie and Reece and both witness another figure run through the trees and meet up with a small group of people stood together. We all looked and could make out several silhouettes and Angie called out "What can you do, show me". We all stood there looking when suddenly we heard a slapping noise and Mark's head suddenly jolt forward, saying he was slapped very hard across the back of the head. (The pain finally eased two hours later as it was some slap. Note to self at this point remind Angie not to ask a spirit to show us what they can do!). Jazz says he is also getting lots of different images going through his mind on different ways to kill someone.

Angie tells us they are aware of a little girl in the distance and that she died by the bridge. (There was no more information regarding this, however, since we visited we have discovered there is a bridge less than five minute walk from our point and that indeed a young girl did die there in an accident). Jazz's head suddenly flew backwards and he said he felt someone grab his head and pull it back, he then felt a sharp pain going across his throat as if having his cut throat cut. We quickly moved a few yards forward as Angie announces five men watching us, Jazz turns around to look and as he did he said a face was directly in front of his and he describes it as being, a very gaunt face, long nose, straggly grey beard and pure white eyes, wrinkly skin and balding head. As we stood there we could see three shimmering figures in the distance that looked as though they were walking toward us. As we watched them there was an unusual icy cold blast come past us, as Mark felt a sharp pain behind the knee and Angie calls out "Watch out, there is man running around with an axe, and he really wants to hurt us". Angie looks to their left and says a man has just thrown what appears to be an animals skull in front of us as a further warning. We decided as we had been given a few warnings that we should leave it again for another night.

We decided to leave the area and as we made our way to what we considered the safety zone Angie, Reece and Jazz could see little flames appear amongst the trees for a couple of seconds at a time. Reece then saw a little girl popping up from behind a little fenced area and Jazz who was wearing a hooded top had the hood part pulled backwards which Mark witnessed, and we were just a few steps away from the safety zone and we entered that area nothing else happened and we left for the night.

FINAL THOUGHT: We had a night of strange and intense feelings, experiences unlike we have had anywhere else. We know that there is a point when you should leave an area like this and we did. Although this was our second visit we have agreed a further visit is needed.

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