The Floating Vicar Of Hull

There has been much debate about the existence of this ghost. Is the story True or false?

From time to time we hear a ghost story that seems to be more myth than factual. Often it proves impossible to trace names used in these stories or dates do not coincide with factual events.

One story that has raised many eyebrows is that of the 'Floating Vicar'. I must admit when i first came across this story i had my doubts as to it being true. Whilst researching i found many posts around the internet on websites and many a social media page discrediting the story and claiming Rev Yates never existed.

The story goes that Reverend Yates, who it is said was the vicar from St. Mary's on Lowgate is alleged to haunt the Old Grammar School on Trinity Square. Those who see him are said to drop dead on the spot, but if that was true, how do we know if the witness is dead, what it was they saw. Once i looked into the story further i discovered that there was two tales, one were the witness died the other was were the witnesses would suffer severe bad luck.

How the ghost became named as Rev. Yates I have never been able to discover nor could I trace him to St. Mary's. As mentioned above there are many claims he never existed. One local historian come ghost hunter has even gone as far as saying he has researched the history of Hull going back as far as the 1700's and there is never any mention of a Rev. Yates to that church or any other church in Hull and there is no record of the man on any census records for Hull therefore he could not have existed.

I have wrote the story 'the Floating Vicar' in my book 'Hanuted Hull' in chapter 7. There I have written that I discovered a Rev. Yates in Hull in 1892, I admit I could not find a connection to him and the church or the school, but his house which was at 49 Charlotte Street in Hull is only 0.3 miles from St. Mary's on Lowgate!

I was listening to a Hull radio station on Monday 3rd August 2015, when the same historian came on the show still claiming Rev. yates never existed. As an historian this guy should get his facts correct, yes there is no PROOF he was connected to the church or school, but there is PROOF of his existance.

Hull census records clearly show Rev. Yates. 49 Charlotte Street Hull in 1892! Oh and I was only in Hull Library for 27 minutes when I discovered him..

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