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Our first introduction into the paranormal is often when we watch television and hear all these words Ghost, Orbs, Ectoplasm, Apparition, Earthbound, Residual, Poltergeist, Spirit, and many more....

The question most often asked by clients is "so what's the difference"..

Below we have tried to explain as best we can for you to understand what is what,
(please note however everyone has their own opinions on these beliefs)

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APPARITION:- A ghost that appears in front of you, sometimes a bit cloudy or see through, though reports have been made that the ghost looks as real as yourself.

AUDIBLE:- The type of ghost that is only heard and never seen, it's very common on investigations to a hear a voice call out or whisper in your ear, they can also be heard during sleep, loved ones who have passed can be heard speaking to you, the most common AUDIBLE is the BANSHEE which wails or cries.

BARGUEST:- The Barguest is a name used widely for a shapeshifting creature, which can also appear in the shape of a bear, in fact the name Barguest may derive from German for 'bear ghost'.

BENIGN:- We often hear the term Benign Spirit or Ghost, basically means a harmless or gentle Ghost, one who means no harm or who means no danger, they are of a gentle, kind and mild disposition.

CRISIS GHOST:- These tend to be a loved one or relative, they appear to you in a time of crisis, there have been reports that the ghost of a loved one appearing to you before or shortly after they died, it is widely believed that this is the subconscious spirit trying to alert you of what has or what is about to happen to them.

CYCLIC GHOSTS:- They appear on the same day each month or year, most common are seen were great wars / battles have taken place, the most famous known is that of Anne Boleyn second wife of Henry VIII who is reported to appear every 24th December at Hever Castle in Kent her childhood home.

DEATHBED APPARITIONS:- Reported by people dying shortly before they pass, reports include Dead loved ones, Religious figures and Angels.

DOPPELGANGER:- From the German words doppel meaning double and ganger meaning goer a double goer ,the ghostly counterpart of a person or the ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart.

EARTHBOUND:- This type of ghost is known as a spirit as they interact with you,
sometimes its a spirit who seeks to live as they did when they were alive, its possible that there may have been some unfinished business that they needed to tend to, a tragic or sudden death, preventing them from moving on even when loved ones who have already passed over try to coerce them into the light.
More often they are a relative trying to get your attention you may sense a presence, hear voices, noises like footsteps or even music, you may witness what are known as orbs, mist or cold spots around your home, Mediums and Psychics can interact with them to receive a message for you from them.

ECTOPLASM:- Strange sort of light substance usually a milky white in colour, often reported to come out of mediums or psychics mouths or nostrils, believed to be of solid form and reported to have a very strange smell to it, and reported to be able to transform into a face or even a single limb and sometimes a torso,
also often seen in photographs in different shapes and sizes though these are more likely to be a light anomily.

EXPERIMENTAL GHOSTS:- A ghost of a person who is still alive, this type of ghost appears to you prior to you meeting them in person! probably why we feel a bit of de javu when we meet certain people.

INCUBUS:- A demon believed to lay upon a sleeping person to have sexual intercourse with them, this usually affects women as the demon is believed to be a male.

GUYTRESH:- An evil spirit taking the form of a pig, dog or other animal. It has large red fiery eyes, sharp teeth and claws in the dark of night. It is seen as a portent of death. The words come from a combination of Norwegian and German meanings of ‘mountain spirit’.

MALEVOLENT:- The opposite to Benign, Malevolent Spirits or Ghosts are those who are not harmless, in fact they wish harm to others, they have an evil or harmful influence about them, they are not friendly they bring ill will and are malicious.

OLFACTORY:- Some ghosts have been reported by people who claim to be able to smell the ghost but not see it, again these can be loved ones like smelling grandads pipe or grandmas perfume.

ORBS:- A floating object usually round and size differs, believed to be the first stages of manifestation of a ghost, also reported to appear in different colours to psychics and mediums who claim they sometimes see orbs seconds before the spirit appears to communicate with them, Some believe this to be the spirit of a human or the soul itself,

POLTERGEIST:- An earthbound spirit usually a person who was a nasty person in life, they move objects such as furniture, pictures or mirrors have fell or flew off walls and ornaments have been reported to move on their own, it appears that the poltergeist would more likely have lived in the property were the activity is taking place and that they are angry at your intrusion,
Remember just because something moves this does not mean you have a poltergeist, child spirits tend to move and play with objects around the home, as explained in earthbound it may just be someone trying to get your attention.

POST MORTEM GHOSTS:- Apparitions who appear to be natural looking bringing or wanting to communicate a message, or appearing at a difficult time in the percipients life as if trying to help them through or with their difficult times.

RESIDUAL:- A ghost or apparition if they appear in front of you sometimes full bodied or just half a body, they seem to have no awareness of our presence, passing through walls or doors, it simply is that they are going about their business as if they were still alive, there is no interaction with them, known as the stone tape theory they are a simply a projection or video recording or an imprint left on the building that has absorbed the psychic energy and these impressions are then broadcast back to us.

RESTLESS SPIRITS:- Reported to haunt their old homes until they are laid to rest and also those who haven't been given a correct buriel, they haunt until their bodies have been given the correct buriel in a graveyard.

TACTILE GHOSTS:- A ghost that touches you, they can touch you without being seen, often during investigations people report the feeling of being touched when no one was even close enough to do it.

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Other words you may hear are:

AETHER: The Aether often spelt and pronounced Ether, means the air around us or the upper air, in the atmosphere or space that surrounds us.

EMANATE: To emit, to give out from a source or to emit from the body, like the sun emits rays of light-the rays EMANATE from the sun, Mediums sense the energy that EMANATES from the spirit, it just means the energy that is emitting from the spirit or ghost.

PLETHORA: Another of those words we hear is Plethora, which means a very large amount of something, especially a larger amount than you need, want or can deal with, when we hear there is a Plethora of Ghosts or a Plethora of activity it simply means a lot of.


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