Present from AGH were: Guest Medium 2 (GM2), Mark, Jazz and Reece, sadly everyone else were too ill or had other commitments for tonight. Also present were Sean and Tom from Fat Tony's.

Before we even arrived GM2 was giving me information about the location. It started with a building that was nearby, GM2 told me that very close to the place had something to do with a workhouse. They said they could hear a boy calling out "I want my Lily" they believe he was calling for his sister. They also gave me the date of 1777 and something to do with Parliament, but could not give me any more information regarding this. The only thing I can link to that date and workhouses was that there was a parliamentary report of 1777, which listed all the parish workhouses operating in England that year. Regards the workhouse there was one in Scarborough from 1728 to 1834. Old maps show it being directly facing tonight's location and going further back to what I believe would be where the M&S store is. The map also shows a reservoir close by and the men's yard facing our location. There was also talk of an image of Pigs running down the street, the old map I have just mentioned also shows the location facing the workhouse was a pig market.

We arrived at the location at 01.45 hrs. When the club closed for the night. We started by setting up video cameras around the location to record as much of the building as we could, along with voice recorders. During the fifteen minute set up of equipment we started to suffer from battery drain in all the equipment. By the end of the investigation which lasted only four hours we were on our last batteries for each piece of equipment. The video cameras we set up around the building went through eight hours of battery life each and the walk about camera had drained a 14 hour battery. The stills cameras went through three sets of batteries each too, which would be more than capable of lasting two or three longer investigations.

02.00 hrs. We went upstairs as GM2 believed this area would be the best area to start. Within fifteen minuets GM2 was aware of a Lady being present. GM2 says this lady is set in her ways and can move things and has done recently. Sean tells us about a situation were after closing they had found an earring and moved it from off the floor onto one of the tables at the other end, they then went downstairs to clean up and when they came back upstairs the earring had moved to another table. GM2 says the lady was moving along the wall heading towards the small flight of steps leading to the toilet. Sean was able to confirm that that is the exact area a female figure has been seen. GM2 becomes aware of a male presence who is called James. This man complains a lot and is moaning about something right now. GM2 waits for a moment so they can make out what James is moaning about. "Okay" says GM2 "He is comp moaning about how he does not like women coming into this area", GM2 also says he is complaining about how women come in here half naked and that irritates him. GM2 tells us this man is strong enough to appear as a shadow effect or as a grey outline. Reece says he can see a mist forming near the doorway, so he and Jazz start taking photographs in the hope of catching it. GMs camera took two photos the drained. GM2 says that they feel if they were alone in this room they would hear footsteps around them. Sean explains that on one occasion when he was alone in this room painting and no one else was in the building, that that was what he experienced. GM2 returns to the woman they talked about earlier, saying to Sean do not upset her because she can be tactile and she would do something if annoyed.

02.30 hrs. We stood around for a bit and GM2 smiles, then says "if another woman comes up here half-naked he will be very annoyed". in 2004 we investigated 'Privilege Nightclub' which was a lap dancing club, built originally as 'The Plough Hotel'. This building that is now 'Fat Tony's' is on the land that belonged to the Plough. Our investigation there led us to believe the activity there was because the spirits there were irritated and upset by what was happening there. Sean moved from where he was stood and GM2 told him that was wise as he was about to brushed into by James.

02.40 hrs. Jazz had been distracted by some movement at the far end of the room and went over to have a look. He was not sure what it was but felt a presence as he went into the area. He then came back to where we were. GM2 and Mark had stood by the wall where GM2 says the lady walks by/ GM2 says "James is asking, where is john?" he says something else, but GM2 could not make out what it was and asks him to repeat himself. GM2 says that James is now shouting and they ask for him to be a little more respectful. He then starts to march backwards and forwards and shouts out "Who's that over there" pointing towards the bar. We all looked but saw nothing. As Reece tried to photograph the area his batteries died in his camera. At the same time GM2 asks James not to breathe on them as he smells strongly of alcohol. Then GM2 says "Margaret wouldn't be happy with you would she". He then tells GM to shut up, as he does not care what Margaret would think. (Margaret was his wife). He then threatens to do something to one of us, but he does not. GM says he has passed over with the same aggression he had when alive.

02.50 hrs. We stood for several minutes when GM2 moved from by the wall to stand near Jazz. Within seconds James stormed between them in a huff and that was the end of that. At that point Mark who was holding the video recorder could see everyone and comments that they have all gone out of focus except for Jazz, which did not make any sense. However at this point the battery in Jazz's camera drained.

03.00 hrs. We moved into the centre of the room and Jazz went back towards the far end of the room as he was aware of a presence there again. As he walked towards the end wall he felt someone brush his arm and then felt like he was being told to back off. Mark walked over towards the area as Jazz moved away and as he did the video camera captured an unusual light anomaly. This kind of light source would normally be caused by some form of light coming into the building, but there are no windows on this floor, and when watching the footage you can see part of the light is also reflecting off the ceiling. I have added it for you to view. PLEASE CLICK HERE. The light seems to flash a total of seven times.

3.05 hrs. We stood in the same area and Jazz says he feels the presence if a female. He then saw another person walk along the far left side wall and then sit down at a piano. The area Mark and Jazz were stood felt ice cold, but the temperature was 16°c. GM2 joins us and says there is a Victorian woman with us. At that point the battery on the external nightshot completely drained. (This battery we already know can last for 36 hours continuous use). Reece came over and stood in the are were Jazz and GM2 believed the lady was stood. The temperature in that exact spot was 14°c compared to 16°c around the same area. He then went out of focus on the video camera for 42 seconds. He tried asking the woman who she was and why she was there, and if she belonged here, but got no response. Reece then commented that he could see a flashing light and pointed to the exact same spot I recorded the light on video.

03.30 hrs. It had gone very quiet in that area so we moved back towards the other end. GM2 turns to Mark and says they can hear the boys voice calling out for Lily again. The voice is outside at the front of the building. GM2 then saw a face looking through the glass of the door nearest the bar, so we went through the door to have a look, but no one was there. Nothing else happened so went downstairs for a while.

03.50 hrs. There was a man downstairs called Henry who was walking around. GM2 believes he used to work in this building at one time, but does not get a surname for him. GM2 believes he had something to do with the kitchens when they had them in here. GM2s and Reeces cameras drained again and only just lasted until the end of the investigation. Sean says the room GM pointed too does look like it was once used as a kitchen area, but is not 100% sure. We then heard movement from upstairs and Reece went up to check and stayed there for ten minutes. GM2 then sees a short stout man walking to the room where the kitchens may have been and feels he passed from a heart attack, but not in the building. Nothing else happened and then Reece rejoined us at 04.50 hrs.

04.30 hrs. Mark and Reece went back upstairs to check all the cameras which had drained and we put new batteries in before returning to the others. Nothing else happened and at 05.30 hrs we called it a night.

05.30 hrs Investigation ended.

FINAL THOUGHT: We found the investigation very interesting, quiet at times, but the strange light recording has left me puzzled and wanting to back.

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