Butlin's Holiday Camp Filey Revisit.

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Tonight we visited three seperate parts of Filey all said to be Haunted by Ghosts. Present from AGH was Mark, GM1. Jazz, Ian and Mike.


Butlins Filey Holiday Camp was the biggest of Billy Butlin's camps and the third to be in existence. It covered just over 400 acres on Hunmanby Moor, on the outskirts of Filey. The campsite operated from 1945 until 1983. Before it was gradually demolished between 1988 and 2003. The location had reports in the 1950's and then again in the 1970's of one chalet being haunted. Reports came in of a young girl in a nightdress sat on the end of the bed looking rather sad. Part of the site has now been built on with luxury.

On this occasion we walked beyond the area in-between where 'White Camp' and 'Red Camp' was situated, As we did a few walkers came toward us and GM1 said they could see at least 20 people pass them by walking in the same direction as us. We continued along the footpath and down towards the beach, as we did GM1 says we are being followed by an attendant who is trying to guide us and has a very old lantern in his hand, Mike gets the name Henry, but we are not sure if Henry is the attendant. As we moved further down the footpath GM1 and Ian can both smell machine oil used for lubricating a machine of some kind. We have been told there was land train that would ferry holidaymakers along this very path during the time the site was owned and used as Butlins. Then GM1 and Ian could both smell led paint, which would have been used when painting up the chalets of the site, Jazz could not smell it, but could certainly taste it. We hung around for a while and as nothing was happening we decided to make our way back towards the cars. As we started to walk back Mark sa a figure move behind GM1 and ian from right to left. GM1 comments they feel it is like 4am and that they have been stuck there since 8pm the previous eveing as if on watch, this may go back to when the site was udes by the RAF. Ian starts to feel anxious and then feels someone stood beside him who has a limp. GM1 says the sense someone stood behind them about 3 foot away, but cannot get any information to help us understand who it is. Before we reached the cars we all heard what sounded like a group of children playing, but there were no children around and certainly should have not been at that time of night. Nothing else happened and we moved on to the next location.


The site of a forth century Roman signal station at Filey; the remains are visible in the cliff face. The site was investigated in 1857, 1923/29 and again in 1993-4 and was in use from roughly 375-410 AD; it was manned by a small garrison of soldiers, with the rocky ‘spittal’ (mooring place) below the cliffs being used as a natural harbour for Roman sailing vessels. For further information visit this link. http://thejournalofantiquities.com/2012/04/29/filey-roman-signal-station-carr-naze-east-yorkshire/

We arrived at the car park were we parked up and then made our way down the footpath to reach the point of where the station once stood (or at least what nit of ground the station was built upon. due to cliff erosion). There have been many reports of a solo Roman soldier witnessed at the location and other reports of several soldiers. The whole time we spent in the area nobody felt or sensed anything and it is therefore possible the belief of what people have seen being Residual recordings could well be true.


We had been informed about this footpath which leads from Glen Gardens down to the beach, since our last visit to Filey. We had been told about how one male who walked his dog down this footpath one night as he has many mnay times before and never felt a thing, but on this one particular about halfway he felt uneasy, he did not know why, but he felt very strange and continued to walk the rest of the way until he reached the end. Once he arrived at the end of the footpath he stopped and looked back thinking why had he been feeling so strange, as he did another man (much older than him) came to the end of the footpath stopped and looked at the younger man and said "well, that was weird wasn't it" Then walked away leaving the younger man stood there thinking of what had happened and what the older man meant. As one of our team members knows the young man in question and he has never forgotten the incident and still walks along this footpath never feeling the same again. We decided we would go and look for a short while. This was our third location this night, but we still spent a good hour covering the area. Only Mark, Jazz and Mike were still in Filey at this point. The whole time we walked down the footpath was the only time anything was felt. Mike did feel as though we had been followed by several people from about halfway down to the end of the beach that meets the beach. Jazz at the halfway point started to feel very sad, but did not know why although the feeling of sadness remained with him for the rest of the walk. GM1 spoke to me after the night describing seeing a group of people following us down the footpath and back up again. There was no sense of who or what they were as regards male or female or anything, only that they were coming through as shadow figures.

Final thought: All in all we had another interesting night in Filey.

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