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Tonight we visited three seperate parts of Filey all said to be Haunted by Ghosts.



Butlins Filey Holiday Camp was the biggest of Billy Butlin's camps and the third to be in existence. It covered just over 400 acres on Hunmanby Moor, on the outskirts of Filey. The campsite operated from 1945 until 1983. Before it was gradually demolished between 1988 and 2003. The location had reports in the 1950's and then again in the 1970's of one chalet being haunted. Reports came in of a young girl in a nightdress sat on the end of the bed looking rather sad. Part of the site has now been built on with luxury

Walking around as we reached the area in-between where 'White Camp' and 'Red Camp' was situated we all started to feel a strange apprehension as though something was about to happen. We followed the old footpath to the beach and whilst nothing happened or was sensed in that area GM1 did start to talk about an unexploded bomb, that they sensed was close by. We made our way back up the footpath to the bend in the road and walked along the path, at the side was fencing with construction site signs on the posts. This is where some more work is to be completed as part of The Bay Filey programme, and was once the playing field on the old Butlins camp. GM1 says they could hear music coming from just beyond the playing fields, and has an impression of a building. Looking at old maps of the site I believe the building was the Gaity Building and the Stadium Building. On the old map of 1969 the description says for the Gaity Building; includes T.V Rooms (B.B.C and I.TV), Gaity Theatre, Quiet Lounge, Amusements Arcade, Shopping Centre, Table Tennis and darts, Lost Property Office and Campers mail Office. The description for the Stadium Building Includes Coffee Bar, Sports Stadium, bingo, Billiards Hall. We waited for several moments and Marks camera would still not work despite having fully charged batteries in it. So Mark, Mike and Ian headed back to where we had parked up. GM1, Jazz and Steph remained for several more minutes before following us. Before they did however both GM1 and Jazz could hear what they described as men marching and both felt a connection to world war II, GM1 saw what they described seconds later as 5 men in RAF uniforms stood on the grassed area to the left hand side of them.. This was very interesting as the camp which had just started to be constructed in 1939 was requisitioned by the government due to the outbreak of World War II, it was completed by Butlin as a military camp for the RAF Regiment (RAF Hunmanby Moor), which housed some 6,000 military personnel. Then in the May of 1945, the camp was partially reopened to the public, whilst the other half of the camp remained in use by the military until 1946. When they decided to catch us up again they were aware of someone being around them. When they caught up with the rest of us Jazz informed me he too had been having problems with his camera, not taking pictures and most of them being blacked out despite him having a light with him.


We parked up near some toilets and then walked over to coble landing. On first approach GM1 saw a woman stood by the lampost near the beach huts. She was an Edwardian lady who come down some steps and stood by the light, she had a basket in her hand and was wearing boots a three quarter length skirt and a hat on, also she had a jacket on that seemed to be fitted below the bust line then coming out around the waist, she seemed to be going on a picnic. Now from where we were stood at the time you could not see any steps until we walked over to that area. Also because of the buildings we had been stood by, they where obscuring our view to see there was more chalets higher up and behind the ones we could see accessed by some steps. Ian suddenly grabbed his right hand and complained he felt like he had just lost both his Baby Finger and Ring Finger and could feel a rope tightening around them prior to that, saying he could still feel the rope wrapped around his hand causing rope burn. Jazz looks at Ian and says that is strange as he has a similar feeling, only he has lost his left arm from the elbow down. Jazz was able to tell us that both these feelings are those related to common injuries suffered by fishermen, of which Jazz was once one. We moved over towards the wall nearer the slip to the beach. We stood there for a while when GM1 spoke of hearing a horn being sounded, it was two short blasts followed by a long blast. There was also talk of seeing what appeared to be a Viking style ship which is not surprising as the this coast was known to have settlement of Vikings, Romans and Saxons. We stood around for several more minutes when GM1 had an image of an explosion about 5 miles out, and a large plume of black smoke. We are not sure if this was a sailing vessel or something over the sea. This was followed by seeing a man swimming to the beach and then attempting to go back as if to rescue others. The name Edgar was given for the guy. As there have been many reports of vessels being involved in accidents and stories of planes going down in the area, we cannot be sure to which it is linked, or even if the link has come with regards to location 1. As at location 1 there have been reports of a Ghost of a man who was a member of the crew from a Lancaster Bomber that crashed into the ground in nearby Hunmanby. He had jumped out over the sea and he was never seen again. There have been reports of a man in uniform wandering around the area between the beach and the camps beach gates, It is said that he is looking for the rest of the crew. The there was mention of a boat with numbers 746. Made of wood a small fishing vessel and had a name board on it 'Molly' something!


We drove up to the country park and parked in area near where the camper vans are parked. Before the road goes on to Filey Brigg point itself. We suddenly all got drawn to a footpath to our right and walked down the hill to it, were there was a gate saying 'sailing club' and we decided to go around the gate following the footpath. As we got a good way down GM1 stopped and said they could feel a nasty presence, and everyone else commented they too felt the same way. GM1 and Steph stayed at this point as the rest of us continued down the path until we reached a little bit of fencing, when Ian felt as though he had been hit in the chest by some strange force. He tried to take a couple of steps forward and each time he did he got the same feeling. Jazz felt like he was being told not to go any further, so Mark and Mike went all the way down the footpath which led to the sailing club and had a look around as we did Mark suddenly felt a sharp stabbing pain to his back on the left side and called back to Jazz to take some photos, but his camera would not take any pictures. We continued down the footpath and just before we reached the sailing club, Mike looked at Mark and said he had an impression of a figure wearing a dark red cloak and it was carrying a sharp implement, possibly a knife. Meanwhile Jazz inspected his camera and found all the settings he had it on had changed. Then he had a feeling he was being circled by someone, and felt he was being told to 'Begone'. Jazz and Ian moved back up the hill to the other two. Mark and Mike didn't find anything and decided to rejoin the others. Upon reaching them GM1 says to Mark that as we left Jazz and Ian both GM1 and Steph could see a cloaked figure move across the footpath behind Jazz and Jazz explained what he felt about being circled. GM1 and Mike could not possibly have heard one another when they were talking about the cloaked figure as GM1 was at the top of the hill near the gate, whilst mike was at the bottom of the hill with Mark. Once we moved away towards the gate both Mark and Ian looked back as they thought someone was behind them and had a sense they were being told to turn around and keep going away. We waited several minutes and nothing happened so we moved on. Just then as we stood on what is part of the road that leads to the nature reserve GM1 could see groups of people walking in both directions. One group going in our direction and one group walking towards us. GM1 could not be specific as to who they were for the simple fact they were all dressed in clothing from different eras. As we made our way back towards the cars we passed the children's playground and GM1 told me they could see a lady dressed in clothing from the 1950s, she was laughing and very happy and was called Doreen. There was no communication between them, but she did wave at GM1 who says she was wearing blue pinny that was trimmed in white pockets and cuffs. We then took several steps forward before GM1 and Jazz both picked up on a connection to Roman Soldiers. At the very top of Filey Brigg there has been found evidence of a Roman Signal Station.

Final thought: All in all we had an interesting night and felt all the locations had something to offer us and we feel revisits are a must.

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