Present for the investigation from AGH were Mark, Angie, Jazz, Sean and Steph I. From the Boosbeck Landlords Mandy and Chris.

We arrived at 23.00 hrs. This was our second visit and after our first visit (click here for report) we knew what areas we wanted to focus on, so started by setting up recording equipment and trigger objects in the pool room and the kitchen area.

Midnight: The team entered the pool room, all except Mark who went to the function room to set that room up with audio and visual recorders.

Function room: Mark had checked all the floor to make sure it was clear of beer mats, as on our previous visit we had experienced two beer mats being thrown. Once the floor was completely cleared of beer mats. Mark set up two audio recorders in the room, one digital and one cassette style recorder. He placed a video camera in the centre of the room on a 360° rotating tripod. He then placed trigger objects on every table in the room taking photos of each. Before leaving the room another final check of the floor was done looking under every table and chair. Then before leaving the room he set up motion alarms to both doorways. He rejoined the team at 0.35hrs.

Midnight, Pool Room: The team went into the room, which had several trigger objects placed in with a wide angled lens video camera on tripod focused on them and the complete doorway. A voice recorder was also placed in the room. Angie went in sat in the far corner and was aware straight away of a male presence. Within seconds of sitting there she felt as though he was trying to push her from the chair. She says it is the haulage guy from our last visit, Jim. Though she also says the name John and leaves it at that, before commenting she has gone cold all down her right side. She then says women are not welcome here, especially in this room. There never used to be a pool table in here and it was a room men gathered in. From what we have learnt about the pub, originally this room was used by the higher up men of the local mines, and then later this room was used by men up until more recent times. He then says to Angie "this room is not for second class citizens like you" referring to her as a female. After ten minutes Angie moves to sit near Steph whilst Jazz goes and sits in the same seat Angie had been on. Within seconds Jazz also feels the coldness down his right side and feels a tug on his arm, Then he looks up and says "I'm not getting out" as he says he was just told to get out by someone. He then moves after ten minutes and Steph I sits there, within seconds again she too can feel the coldness down her right side and looks to see if she can see anyone. Sean says he is getting the name Johnson or Johnstone as Angie tells the others she can see a woman on all fours scrubbing the wooden floor, as it would have been at one time. As she raises her hand to point she feels someone pushing it away as if to say no. Then Sean and Steph swap places. He does not get the coldness down his right side, but does feel a breeze behind him. He also comments that he feels he is sat in someone's seat and should not be there. He moves to the seat directly next to this one to see what happens. Instantly he gets stomach ache and can feel the table next to him rocking, he tries himself to tilt the table, but realises it is heavy so cannot explain why he felt it. He then starts to feel dizzy and as he say that Jazz says the video camera is completely out of focus as it is pointing at Sean and Sean cannot be seen on the video. He then gets numb down his right side, head to foot, with pins and needles type of sensation from his hand to his shoulder, as if he had suffered a stroke. As he continued to sit there the feeling was getting worse. Angie tells us Mary has joined us and is between her and Steph I. It is now 0.35hrs and Mark joins them from upstairs. At this point Sean can be seen on camera getting agitated and after several seconds says he is starting to feel angry and miserable. He then says that Everytime someone talks he gets the feeling this man is saying "Oh will you just shut up".

0.40hrs. We leave the pool room and as we work our way through the main bar to go upstairs, Angie sees a figure at the other end of the room, where the karaoke takes place, not sure who it was as they walked away from the window and though the door towards the toilets.

0.50hrs. Function room. Just outside the room Sean noticed that some of Steph's hair was standing on end, despite there was no static in the area. As we entered the room we instantly found a beer mat on the floor next to the video camera on rotating tripod. See photos of night. We then checked the rest of the room to see if anymore were on the floor, looking under every table and chair and there was none. Sean went around and counted how many beer mats were on each table whilst Jazz went with the video recorder to each table. Steph I comments that she can smell cigarette smoke and it is pretty strong. They then all sat down at the bottom end of the room as Mark stood up in the same spot he was in last time when we encountered Catherine. Angie says there is a man walking behind her and asks "Who are you, can I hear your voice, can I hear your voice please" she then looks up and says he is called George. After several second she says his surname is Johnson, the same name Sean had given downstairs. Angie says he is looking for forgiveness, he once got kicked out of here, barred, This grudge he tells her goes back to 1933, though he does not elaborate what the grudge was. Jazz asks him was kicked out of the lodge or the pub, but there is no response to that question. Angie asks him where did he sit or even stand when he was here, he does not answer and even leaves the room to go next door. Mark goes over to the other end of the room and opens the door entering the room and saying to George, "come and join us, although you are barred we welcome you in, please follow me back into the room". But he does not. Angie smiles and says Catherine is here and she is still asking about her bible as she still has not found it. She has a young boy with her. Mark goes back to far end and stands in the corner whilst Angie says Catherine is wearing a green dress. Then Angie says she heard Catherine's high pitched voice, and both Jazz and Steph I say they heard it too, but Mark and Sean did not. Whilst watching the video footage there is no sound this time like there was on our last visit, but the camera which is pointing in one direction has been trying to focus on something or someone for over ten minutes despite no one has been in shot of that camera. Angie then gave us some information regarding an incident that we have decided is too sensitive to talk about on here and this was discussed with the owners. Angie then becomes aware of a woman sat between Sean and Steph I and a man at the other end of the room called Harry. Angie asks do any of them wish to talk to us, but they just continue to watch us. And Catherine is still walking around the room looking under things for her bible. She then makes eye contact with Angie and asks her "has Billy touched it" Pointing to the boy who is with her. Angie senses the boy is her nephew and he shakes his head in no motion suggesting he did not touch the bible. Steph I then hears a voice, but cannot make out what is said. Angie talks to Catherine saying "Do you remember the last time we came to see you, there was another lady with you and you talked about the scrubbing brush, well I know about the shoes now". But Angie is ignored as Catherine continues to walk around the room muttering something under her breathe. Angie asks her "did he live here with you" but there was no response, so Angie asks "why are you still hear" then chuckles and says Catherine replied "why wouldn't I be". Several seconds pass by and Angie says there is a woman by Mark called Margaret. Just then a beer mat landed on Angie's foot. We were able to work out exactly where it came from, but confused as both Mark and Jazz were looking at Angie at the time and did not see anything going through the air. Angie can taste brandy which she does not like the taste of and moves places. Jazz goes and sits in the chair Angie had been in. Mark calls out to Catherine asking her to speak to us or touch one of us. When Angie says Catherine said "did Harry pinch the bible" so Mark asks "why would Harry pinch your bible". Steph I says she got touched on her leg and at the same time on the video you can hear two knock sounds which we did not hear at the time. Mark says "Thank You" and points to the different objects that have been laced on the tables asking Catherine to move one of them. Steph sees a beer mat under the chair nearest the door that leads to the stairs, Sean quickly counts the beer mats on the tables and discovers two missing from the last two tables on the opposite side from where we have just found this one. There was no one that could have moved the beer mats from these two tables as we were all down the other end of the room. As we checked the one on the floor we found another one by the same chair, but between the table leg and the wall. As we photographed the ones on the floor we heard a voice, it was very faint and did not catch it on camera, but we did hear it at the times. Seconds later Steph I gets a cold breeze across her head and then both she and Angie hear a faint "Hmm" It's at this point Mark goes to where the voice recorder is placed and points to the microphone asking Catherine to come close to it and talk so we can hear it. Mark can be seen on video checking the voice recorder. Now at this point the voice recorder was lit and still recording, but the next day when unpacking the equipment to check it all the voice recorder was blank with no recording on it at all. (Please refer to photos link at the top of page). Jazz is now feeling a heaviness above his head and at this time we notice one of the marbles we had set up had moved. (Again please refer to photos link at top of page). We believe it may have moved around the time of the beer mats as Jazz thought he saw something move where the marbles were, but was unsure with everything else that was going on. We then spent sometime trying to get the beer mats from where they were originally to where we found them, but could not get them even close, plus they made a knock sound noise when they landed, just like the two knocks heard on camera that we did not hear on the night. Maybe these two knocks were the beer mats landing.

02.05hrs. Jazz, Sean and Steph I then went into the living quarters of the building. Mark went downstairs for new tapes and batteries and check the other cameras in the building. Angie spent sometime speaking with the owner. As soon as the team enter Sean can smell cigarette smoke and Steph I saw a figure move at the far end of the corridor. They stood around for two minutes waiting when she saw the same thing again. Jazz called out to Jessica (name given on last visit) asking her to make a noise. He then sees her at the far end of corridor so they all make their way down there. They made their way back to the first room and waited there joined by Mark and Angie. As we stood there we heard a noise coming from the hallway what sounded like the young girl moving about. We all stood by the doorway into the flat and and whilst talking Mark and Jazz both turn around as they become aware someone or something is behind them. There is also a noise just outside the door leading to the stairs, so we open the door and Angie says we are being watched. Later on Mandys son tells us when he goes up and down the stairs he feels as though someone is watching him from the top. We then made our way to one of the bedrooms and Angie says there is a Michael present, he is a young boy who passed around the age of 7 due to a long term illness. Also there is a man in the hallway with a set of keys in his hand checking all the doors are locked securely. Nothing else happened so we went into the last room along the corridor and whilst in there Angie started to talk about a man who had something to do with guns and police involvement. There are noises in the hallway again and Angie says it is Jessica. Before long we are joined by a female called Annie and just as Angie says she is tactile, Mark says he feels two fingers run across his neck and then up his head, even feeling his hair move upwards. He asks her to do it again and it happened again, but when he asked could she do it to someone else she does not. Angie describes Annie as having her hair in rollers, holding a cigarette and flicking her ash into her pinny pocket. Angie and Sean can both feel a burning sensation in their elbows, but nothing else happens, so we make our way out as we get by the door to the stairs Angie, Jazz and Sean are all aware we are being watched so we wait for a moment to see if anything happens, but nothing.

03.00hrs. We went back downstairs and for the last half hour Sean and Steph I who did not come on the first visit go into the basement with the owners son. Whilst Annie talks with Mandy and Mark and Jazz collect and put away all the equipment.

03.00hrs. Basement. When they went down there the son said he could hear breathing when he had come down here earlier on that night when he was alone. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and he felt as though someone was standing down the end of the corridor. This is where we had picked up on a man during our last visit. Sean could smell fish really strongly but could not make out why. As they made their way down to the end of the corridor he could shuffling in the room behind them. The son felt like he could not go any further. They spent sometime calling out but nothing happened and so they rejoined us in the bar at 03.30hrs.

03.30hrs. We finished our investigation.

FINAL THOUGHT: The Boosbeck proved a really interesting place that had different things for each of us. We managed to get some movement of trigger objects and other movement, but this time no EVP's, However it was still a great night.

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