Present for the investigation from AGH were Mark, Angie, Jazz, Steph, Mike and Reece. From the Boosbeck Landlords Mandy and Chris and their friends Lesley and Leslie.

We arrived at 23.00 hrs and waited for the regulars to leave. At 23.30 hrs. We started setting up lock off cameras around the building and motion sensors. Angie and Steph went for a look around the cellar whilst the rest of us set up. Whilst in the cellar Angie sensed a man stood in one on of the small rooms He was wearing a white Granddad shirt (collarless) with his sleeves rolled up, a waistcoat and flat cap. There was no information coming through as to who he was, but he was aware of our presence. As the two moved around the different rooms in the cellar Steph felt someone brush past her. When they came back up to rejoin the others Steph who was walking towards the bar saw a small silhouette run past her legs. Although she could not make a definite shape it was the size of a dog. We set up a camera and some trigger objects up in the pool room as we had all seen something in there on the pubs CCTV when we entered. A man Wearing a white shirt and black suit with black tie was seen walking past the end of the pool table and sitting down. As we had so much equipment set up around the ground floor of the pub we decided we should go upstairs and cover the ground floor later on.

Midnight. We went up the stairs there was a door to our left which led to a toilet and we then had go through a partition which had three doors beyond it. One to the left which was the living quarters of the pub, one facing which was an office and one to the right which was a meeting/function room. We went straight into the office and Angie was aware a presence was around, they believe his name is Charlie, but nothing more yet. In the far corner was another door leading into a slightly bigger room than the office and we went through it as that was where Angie said the presence had gone. We stood in the room for several moments when Angie said he will be back later. So we then went through another door which led into the meeting/function room. And we could see a door to our right which was the one that led back onto the landing.

00:20 hrs. Angie felt someone touching them and warned the rest of us that there is a tactile spirit in here (Tactile means a spirit than can physically touch). Mike felt feels the room is very busy as Angie says they feel that cobweb feeling across their face, and then looks at were Jazz is stood saying someone is by him, which Jazz confirms he can sense someone. Jazz and Angie can both hear someone whistling, but the rest of us did not hear it. Both Jazz and Steph complained their eyes were stinging although we cannot understand why. At the same time Mike feels the presence of a man stood by him called Edward, he is an oldish man with a white beard. Both he and Angie get a date of 1889.
Reece who is stood near the doorway of the room is told by Angie there is a figure stood directly behind him, but the figure moves as soon as this mentioned/ Jazz who is sat at the other end of the room says he feels like a decision maker and feels another spirit by him as he could feel the symptoms of someone who suffered a stroke. Steph says were she is sat it felt as though the floor moved slightly, similar to that you would get when someone walks across a loose floorboard. Jazz then banged his hand on the desk, stood up and turned his back to the rest of the room. Mark who was stood about two foot from Jazz said he felt as though someone one was stood directly beside him. He could feel a pain from his right elbow down into his hand. Angie says there is a lady present she had been by Jazz and has now moved past Mark and is on his right hand side. GM tells us this lady is the tactile spirit they mentioned earlier, and that she likes to give hugs. Her name is Catherine or Katherine. She suffered from arthritis and a bad chest. As Angie says that Jazz started coughing for no reason. Mark asks her to touch one of us or somehow make her presence felt. Within seconds Mark describes that whilst he felt cold down his back he could feel a warmth going from shoulder blade to shoulder blade
She then moved away towards Angie and was saying "Memories, memories" and nothing else. During this time we hear a voice on the camera that we cannot explain as it is very faint. Too faint to place here.

00.40 hrs. Mike says he can sense Edward again and says he is someone connected to fishing. Angie also picks up on a fisherman called Jerry. These two men are from different periods in time, Jerry had become blind in one eye and had lost half of his arm. As this information was given we can hear two EVPs on the camera saying "Catherine", then "Hi".. You may need to turn your volume up high as they are faint.

Out of the blue Angie tells me there is a man downstairs wandering about, but we need not hurry as he will be around later. They said this man is in the pool room and died here in the pub. Then both Mike and Angie became aware of two more women, one is called Marion and is dressed in Victorian style clothing. The other one is Betty and Angie hears Catherine call out "Betty the scrubber". Betty was holding a scrubbing brush at the time. Catherine then says "Has anyone seen my bible, it was on the hearth". There was no hearth in the room, but we could make out there would have been a fireplace in there at one time. Just then something came flying across the room and landed by were Mike was stood, when we looked on the floor we could see a beer mat. It appeared to come from the doorway we came into the room from, but by this time no one was on that side of the room.

00.47 hrs. Both Angie and Jazz could see the outline of a person stood in the doorway at that time and so Jazz went to went over, but as he approached the doorway itself he felt something hostile and so moved away. Mark went over and tried to walk through the doorway, but as he did he was pushed in his right arm really hard and fell into the left side of the door frame. He turned around to face back into the room and was pushed in his chest. Falling back he grabbed both sides of the door frame and then felt as though he was being pulled backwards and pushed from the front at the same time. Jazz says "Oh, my god there is face directly over your right shoulder looking back at us". Just then another beer mat come flying over everyone's head and landed near us. Again because of everyone's position in the room it was impossible to have been done by anyone other than an invisible force. When the pushing and shoving stopped Mark looks at a chair right next to the doorway as he thought he could see the outline of someone sat there. So he tried to push it out of the way but it would not move, he then tried to pick up the chair which he could not for several seconds. Then suddenly he could lift the chair pretty easily. Angie and Jazz could both feel the anger of this person, but they did not now who he was, Steph complained of severe pains in her head, When suddenly everything stopped and the Man had gone.

01.00 hrs. We went into the living quarters of the pub which was the door facing the function / meeting room. Angie says the pub used to be called the commercial before it had a name change. This was something none of us could have been aware of, but later Chris the landlord who joined us in the flat told us as we left to go downstairs.
As we unlocked the door to the flat, which had frosted glass in it, and opened the door to reveal the flat. Jazz says to Mark, "do you remember that dream I had years ago, the pub with the frosted glass and a long hallway with four doors to the left , and two to the right, with one final door at the end of the corridor facing. This is it". A couple of years ago, well actually four years ago. Jazz had rang me and told me about this dream he had about being in a pub that is the exact same layout as this one, the layout, the colour scheme everything. Only in Jazz's dream there was a little girl running down the hallway and going into the last room on the left, she had blonde hair that was in ringlets. He had not mentioned the girl on the night, just what he said above. We then entered and walked down the hallway when Angie says "Oh, there is little girl running down the hallway" Jazz immediately says "Oh god. Please don't say!" and before he can get his words out Angie says "she has blonde hair and it is in ringlets". May I just say here his face was a picture, just as good as my own when trying to lift a little chair.. Then Angie says the girl is called Jessica and Jazz agrees that is the name he had too. We walked further down the hallway and Angie for some reason picked up a small paintbrush placing it in the last room to the left saying "Here you go Jessica". Jazz could not go in the room at first, so Mark and Steph entered before him, once in he got really bad stomach cramps and had to leave. Angie says Jessica is also active downstairs and feels she has been seen before by someone. Just then Chris the landlord joins us in the flat. He came up to tell us that our sensor lights had been going off and their own CCTV had been going strange, So we decided to go back downstairs and take a look. It was at this point that Chris told us what the name of the pub used to be before being called Boosbeck. 'The Commercial'.

01.40 hrs. Mike, Reece, Jazz and Chris went into the cellar. Angie and Steph stayed by the bar area. Mark reset the lights and changed tapes on the cameras before going to the cellar to join the others. Mike was using the dowsing rods to see if he could get anything. Mark joined them at 02.00 hrs. Mike was asking was anyone present as I joined them, he had picked up on a male presence called Johnathon.

We then heard a sound from behind Mike. We paused for a moment and when the cooler switched off, Jazz asked Johnathon to make a sound by banging or rapping on one of the beer barrels. We could hear a faint tapping sound on one the barrels next to us and heard a voice, but sadly because of the natural noises down there we did not manage to record them. At the same time we were downstairs the others were in the pool room.

02.00 hrs. Pool room: Angie, Steph, Mandy, Lesley and Leslie. Angie was aware of two men being present, one was the one they had told me about upstairs, the man who died in the pub, he was wearing a black suit and black tie with a white shirt. People may see him walk past the pool table and it is possible people may feel him brush by them. There is also a spirit dog, which is confirmed that a spirit dog has been seen in the pub before. The other man is called Jim and he used to drive a big haulage truck that he would often park outside. Angie then says the little girl (Jessica) is seen in this room. For sometime in this room Mandy and her friends were confirming stuff that we had picked up on and about some other stuff to do with the pub. The camcorder in the room went out of focus whilst they were in there and the microphone had suffered interference making it difficult to hear what was said. Angie said they could smell smoke from a pipe which had been smelt that very day.


02.45hrs. Kitchen area: Everyone met up in the kitchen area except for Mike and Reece who stayed in the cellar. Angie picked up on a lady called Mary in this room, a proud woman who worked in this are when she was alive. She moves in and out of this room hanging around the doorway just outside. And was aware she was around the cooker area. Mandy and Chris tell us that when they were doing the refit of the kitchen which should have taken three weeks took two months. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Whilst they made a channel in the wall they could see a metal hinge. As they dug it out further they discovered an old range cooker behind the wall. It looked original to when the building was put up and inside the cooker was a scrubbing brush and a pair of shoes. So as not to cause any upset to Mary they placed them back and sealed up the wall. Mandy also told us that one day when she was looking at the CCTV she could see movement in the pool room and when Chris went in to investigate she could see a small figure walking behind him. Like a child on tip toes. When Mandy called to Chris to let him know, he turned around only for the little girl to turn around with him.

03.15 hrs. We finished our investigation and wrapped up.

FINAL THOUGHT: The Boosbeck proved a really interesting place that had different things for each of us. We managed to record some sounds and EVPs and feel we should revisit one day.

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