About Us: Abbey Ghost Hunters


Abbey Ghost Hunters / Abbey Paranormal were formed in October 2003 by Wife and Husband team Angie and Mark, who have both been involved in the Paranormal world for a long time, we decided to form our own group after spending many years working alongside others and researching the Paranormal and Mediumship. We have been joined on our quest by a great team of believers who like ourselves take a sceptical approach first.

The group are formed of people who have an interest in the Paranormal this is our hobby it is not a job, we all give up our time freely and make no money from what we do, in fact like any hobby it costs us money to do an investigation.

We do not, like many groups purposely go out and try to do an investigation every month, we have a firm belief that this kind of hobby can become an unhealthy obsession and we have witnessed this ourselves with some people, it has also become a bit of a competition with some groups as to who does the most each year, again it is a hobby and something we enjoy doing, take time to look at the locations more in depth and spend more time researching, rather than spend a night throw a report on the website and that's it.
There are some people who just think Paranormal twenty four hours a day, it can take over your life if you are not careful, we have a life outside of our hobby and we enjoy it to the full, that is why we only do a limited amount of investigations we are not interested in being the group that does the most investigations nor are we a group that wants to investigate the same locations as all other groups, yes we look at smaller locations but we are looking into places where people really believe they are experiencing things on a regular basis.

During the investigations the Medium is the one responsible for having to communicate with spirit and give us information such as names and dates that we can then research, it is also the Medium who can then tell us why the Spirit is there and what they want. This information is not only vital to us for our research but to the client to as it helps them understand why they are experiencing the things they are.

The investigations take place over night at the location, but it doesn't stop there, after the investigation comes researching what we feel we may have found and looking to find the information the Medium has come up with, this takes time anything up to two weeks, there is also all the footage to go through, we may record on the night anything up to 8 hours of footage on each camcorder, and use about three to five camcorders depending on size of location, so that can work out to forty hours of footage which has to be gone through, so as you can imagine this takes time too. I can't look at all the footage at once so it has to be done over a period of a week or two, that's why we don't place our reports on our site the day after the investigation like some groups, I like to go through all the footage first, that way when the report is placed on the site all the information is available.

I go through all the footage personally, being the most sceptical member of the group and the one who does the reports and maintains the website I like to make sure that I have all the information to hand, the rest of the team are lucky there as they just spend the night investigating whilst we get to do all the other work. I would like to spend more time updating the site every month but it is too much to do, from time to time we do add new pages and reports, so please be patient with me I'm no robot.

We accept there are Sceptics and why not, we all have a choice and the right to our own opinions, there is no proof that there is an afterlife, nor any proof that Spirits / Ghosts exist we also accept there is no proof that Mediumship exists, it is all down to personal choice and or beliefs.

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