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Abbey Ghost Hunters / Abbey Paranormal were formed in October 2003 by Husband and Wife team Mark and Angie, keep reading here


Abbey Ghost Hunters

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Scarborough, Bradford, Middlesbrough.

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28/02/2017 Report from our latest investigation ready to view complete with EVP recording. Report CLICK HERE.

04/02/2017 Report due soon from latest investigation. In the meantime please listen to this EVP we recorded at that location CLICK HERE.

20/11/2016 A very delayed report, but with good reason. There is a very intersting video clip on report and this was not easy to upload as the footage had been damaged, but we have managed to salvage the part that is important. Report CLICK HERE.

02/11/2016 We have just completed an investigation and will have a report due sometime soon. Hopefully between the 12th and 14th please check back then.

16/10/2016 Thank you to those who have sent well wishes. As you may have noticed investigations had stopped, this has been due to ill health to founder and location organiser Mark, but we are happy to say he is now on road to recovery and hopefully we will be able to start updating website again soon.

17/07/2016 Apologies for those waiting for this report which was delayed, it is due to the owners moving in full time, So we all would like to wish a lovely couple Mandy and Chris the very best for the future. Report from investigation CLICK HERE

04/06/2016 Report from latest investigation CLICK HERE

04/05/2016 Report from latest investigation CLICK HERE

11/04/2016 Report from latest investigation CLICK HERE

09/04/2016 Report 2 from ongoing investigation due soon.

30/03/2016 Report from latest investigation CLICK HERE.

20/03/2016 Report due soon please checking back with us.

09/03/2016 Report from our latest investigation CLICK HERE

07/03/2016 Report due soon. Please keep checking back with us.

12/12/2015 Sadly there will be no more reports this year as we have only been able to do house investigations which we keep private and off the site. Mark is currently awaiting an operation on his foot, so we cannot take on anymore investigations this year. We would also like to thank reserve team member Reece who has helped us in our last three house investigations and has proven a good recruit.

23/09/2015 Report from latest investigation CLICK HERE

07/09/2015 Report from investigation now added two more to come soon. CLICK HERE to read.

23/08/2015 We will have a couple of reports from latest investigations on website soon. Please keep revisiting to check.

04/08/2015 Story about how Rev. yates an alleged ghost in Hull did exist despite a local historian lying by saying there has never been anyone of that name ever in the history of Hull dating back as far as the 1700's CLICK HERE.

25/05/2015 Report from latest investigation now available to read. CLICK HERE.

24/05/2015 Report due soon from this weekends investigation.

09/05/2015 There will be no reports for April as we did not hold any investigations. However we did as a group take part in some Past Life Regression under Hypnotism.

25 /04/2015 Report from latest investigation now ready to read. CLICK HERE to read.

10/04/2015 We recently helped a group of friends (work colleagues), raise money for the National Autistic Society by taking them on a double location ghost hunt, and would like to praise them for the funds they raised. Report to follow soon.

08/03/2015 We will soon have reports coming to the site, hopefully the first report will be available to read in April as we are now in the process of booking some investigations, including a charity night.

08/02/2015 we hope to doing some investigations soon, sadly I have been suffering from a torn tendon in my foot and I am now recovering hopefully enough to be driving again.

10/01/2015 we have updated the site by making it much smaller and easier to use. Many pages have now gone and many have been updated or changed. Also we no longer offer a link swap with other groups as I no longer have the time to keep that part of the site constantly updated or the time to keep checking our link remains on other sites. Please enjoy the new look.


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